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Furnished Leasing & Management

The hardest part of owning real estate is not necessarily acquiring the property itself, but most often lies in keeping and maintaining the property, and its revenues over any duration. Property managers take on the responsibility of daily oversight when dealing with tenants, vendors, contractors, neighbors, homeowner’s associations, insurance matters, state and local governmental agencies, and anyone else who might affect or be part of the day-to-day happenings at any given property. For this reason, property owners commonly employ the expertise and services of a property management agency such as ours.

Stay San Diego offers a proven set of professional techniques and procedures specific to the properties and market under our care. This is necessary to protect the property and its revenues, and is accomplished in part by minimizing any impact from changing laws, industry regulations, or market shifts that may hinder a property’s use or revenue.

As a full-service property management agency specializing in furnished rentals downtown, our goal is to make the management experience hassle free for each of our clients. Having been part of downtown’s urban revitalization for over 16 years, we have our fingers on the pulse of downtown’s market trends and rental activity. We believe that property management is an intensive combination of both the ‘science’ of systems and procedures, and the ‘art’ of communication and relationships. Mastering this delicate balance has allowed our agency to excel in our activities while garnering a professional respect within the community we serve.

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